The MPS Store is located downtown in Moline's Historic Block at Model Printers at 310 15th Street, across the street from iWireless Center and the John Deere Pavilion. Here you will find a wide selection of information published by MPS, as well as clothing and souvenirs of historic Moline.


In 2008, MPS released Allendale, a home built in 1906 by Frank Allen, who later donated the house to Moline School District No. 40 in 1931. Today it serves as the school district’s administration office at 11th Avenue and 16th Street. Other miniatures in the series include:

  • Prospect Park, Old Moline High School, First Lutheran Church, Willard School, Wilson house



Books & Films

MPS and MPS members have published a variety of books related to local history and historic preservation. In addition, MPS has provided grants to a number of excellent publications.

  • Building the American Dream: A Swedish Immigrant Carpenter, Contractor, and Family in Moline Illinois
    by Curtis C. Roseman (Heritage Documentaries, Inc., 2012)

    Swedish immigrants Gustaf Adolph Johnson (1880-1947) and Selma Anna Sofia Carlson (1879-1937) built a family and a career in Moline during the early 20th century. This book tells the story of Gust's carpentry and contracting activities, most especially the eighty houses he built. It also tells the story of Gust and Selma's family, their activities, travels, and tragedies, as well as their every-day lives.Grand Excursions on the Upper Mississippi River: Places, Landscapes and Regional Identity after 1854